About us

We design unique and colourful footwear that leaves a positive footprint on our planet and our people.

¡Hola! We’re MIPACHA

We want to inspire you to chase sunsets and complete bucket lists.

As for our dream? We want to be a part of your adventures and memories, every step of the way.

Born in Peru, raised in Amsterdam

Our journey began in 2012, in Cuzco, the heart of Peru. All it took was one backpack, two Dutchies and an unstoppable desire to leave a positive footprint on our planet.

MIPACHA was born.

Your style, your story

Playing it safe just isn't your vibe. And we love that about you. We want you to make a statement, wherever your adventures take you.

That’s why our designs are inspired by the beautiful Peruvian nature and culture. They're full of vibrant colours, bold patterns, and unique textures that help you express your sense of style.

Let’s get serious...

Adventure isn't just about exploring new places. It's about preserving them.

That's why we're dedicated to crafting sustainable shoes that leave a positive impact on the planet and the communities we work with.

Every step in MIPACHA sneakers is a step towards a brighter future.

Our signature styles

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